About us


If you’ve ever thought accounting firms were all much of a muchness and frankly, a little boring, we’d like to challenge that view.

For a start, we’re a whole lot more than your average bean counters. We help our clients achieve both business and personal financial success by working with them to develop sound commercial strategies and plans.

We also enable our clients to be proactive, rather than reactive to their businesses by implementing management tools to monitor their business.

AT BHC Partners, we pride ourselves on our approachability and commitment to forming a close partnership with our clients. Our clients love how they can get great advice simply by picking up the phone. We also like to visit our clients on a regular basis to get a deeper insight into their business, ensuring we can always provide a customized solution relevant to their needs.

We will take the initiative to let you know if we need to talk more often or deal with issues that affect you or your business. Communication is paramount, and we are only an email or a phone call away.